New Clothes

Thank you Steve and Debbie Sullivan for the new clothes for our Kiddos at Whitney Elementary School and Village of Hope. They are appreciated beyond words!

Tommy the Clown!

Mr. Tommy has been our resident clown - yes that's true! He volunteered for years at Village of Hope, teaching our kiddos how to juggle, do card tricks, and make balloon animals. Mr. Tommy was always so patient and cheerful and we will always be so grateful and thankful to him! As he moves out of state to enjoy retirement, he will be hugely missed.

Board Members Guy Hillyer and Steve Sullivan Suprise Us Again!

VOH board members, Guy Hillyer and Steve Sullivan donated a camera and tripod and brand new games to the children of Village of Hope LV! Today, many children are surrounded and engaged by technology, but our kiddos are excited to play basic outdoor games. They LOVED their new games and are excited for all the laughs! Thank you Hillyer and Sullivan family!

Station Casinos Endlessly Support Our Community!

This past September, Stations Casinos LLC continued to support the Whitney community and extended a generous hand to Village of Hope Las Vegas. Thanks to their generous donation, our children will have a window of opportunities and adventures! Thank you Stations!

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